Ophover Mill

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in Forst

In the old days, there was mention of a mill by the Gerichhausener brook. The brook thus referred to is of course the Beeckback brook. It is named after the squires of Ophoven. First mention: 30 June 1529. Johann van Krickenbeeck and Mechteld von der Moelen were millers at Ophoven Mill.

It was situated in the fief of the duchy of Gelders and was equipped with an undershot water wheel and two sets of millstones. Unfortunately, there was only enough water power to run it for three hours a day.

Some changes appear to have been made to the building in 1857; it may have even been completely rebuilt.

Above the door, there is a stone with the inscription

I.W.H. – C.E.M.
Johann Wilhelm Heinrichs – Catharina Elisabeth Menz

In 1867, a steam engine was installed to provide additional power. It continued to work with water power until well into the 1960s. Like the Holt Mill, it has a water wheel made of iron. It has been converted into a restaurant and is now a popular destination for outings.

Opening times: Daily from 9:00 clock

Adress: Forst 14, 41844 Wegberg-Forst
Phone: +49 (0)2434-8085385

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